About Rocks Biological Consulting

With over 60 years of collective local experience, Rocks Biological Consulting possesses a level of proficiency that is uncommon among small biological consulting firms. We have the experience to deliver high quality work while keeping projects on schedule and within budget. We have led projects large and small, written hundreds of biological technical reports, and performed thousands of focused species surveys. Our team of experts is well-versed in Southern California biological species and habitats as well as local, state, and federal environmental regulations and processing guidelines.

We specialize in:

  • General biological surveys and biological technical reports (CEQA/NEPA compliant)
  • Focused and protocol surveys for endangered, threatened, and special-status species
  • Rare plant surveys
  • Habitat assessment
  • Wetland delineation
  • Biological monitoring
  • Land management
  • Habitat restoration planning

Please see our services page for a more complete list.

Why our clients choose Rocks Bio:

  • Our long-term, proven record of providing high quality work
  • Our deep understanding of the local regulatory environment
  • Our responsiveness to client needs
  • Our ability to provide project solutions

From small infill projects to large utility developments, we combine extensive training and experience to provide exceptional service.