Rocks Biological Consulting Provides The Following Services:

USFWS/CDFW Protocol Surveys


  • Coastal California gnatcatcher (Polioptila californica californica)
  • Burrowing owl (Athene cunicularia)
  • Least Bell’s vireo (Vireo bellii pusillus)
  • Southwestern willow flycatcher (Empidonax traillii extimus)


  • Quino checkerspot butterfly (Euphydryas editha quino)
  • Wet-season fairy shrimp surveys (e.g., Riverside fairy shrimp, San Diego fairy shrimp)
  • Dry-season fairy shrimp surveys (e.g., Riverside fairy shrimp, San Diego fairy shrimp)
  • Hermes copper butterfly (Lycaena hermes)


  • Arroyo toad (Bufo californicus)
  • Desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii)


  • Threadleaf Brodiaea (Brodiaea filifolia)

Other Biological Services

Biological Studies

    • General biological surveys
    • Management of large-scale biological studies
    • Vegetation mapping
    • Wildlife corridor/movement studies
    • Habitat assessments
    • Baseline ecological studies
    • Arborist Surveys
      • ISA Certified Tree Surveys
      • Local Tree Ordinance Assessments

Floristic Surveys

  • Focused and protocol surveys for rare, threatened and endangered plants
  • Vouchering of endangered plant species
  • Native plant revegetation planning
  • Floristic inventories

Environmental Document Preparation and Permitting

  • Preliminary biological constraints planning
  • Jurisdictional wetland delineations
  • CEQA & NEPA compliance
  • Biological technical reports (BTRs)
  • Western Riverside County MSHCP consistency reports
  • Wetlands permitting (ACOE, CDFW, local regulations)
  • Biological Assessments (BAs)
  • Environmental Assessments (EAs)
  • Environmental Impact Report (EIR) biological resources sections
  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) biological resources sections
  • Document preparation to comply with local, state and federal biological and environmental regulations

Environmental Compliance and Mitigation Planning and Implementation

  • Pre-construction nesting bird surveys
  • Mitigation monitoring and reporting
  • Construction monitoring

Habitat Management

  • Land management
  • Restoration monitoring and reporting