Featured Projects

Brawley Landfill Closure Project

Award of Excellence, Environmental Category (American Society of Civil Engineers, 2014)

Rocks Biological Consulting performed a range of environmental services for this landfill relocation and closure project. The historic landfill was being eroded due to a change in the adjacent river course, so RBC assisted project engineers in landfill relocation planning, biological assessment and permitting, and restoration planning to prevent river impacts and additional erosion, and to allow safe final closure of the landfill. RBC performed a general biological survey and extensive wetland delineation per US Army Corps of Engineers protocol along the New River; prepared the project biological technical report in support of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documentation; coordinated with state and federal agencies regarding geotechnical stabilization and dewatering impacts to wetlands and Waters of the U.S.; prepared and received agency approval of the project restoration plan that focused on stabilizing river banks and restoring wildlife habitat along the river; prepared a burrowing owl (Athene cunicularia) species exclusion plan that was approved by California Department of Fish and Wildlife; installed artificial owl burrows; and conducted successful passive burrowing owl relocation. We were thrilled that the project was recognized for its positive environmental planning and engineering in 2014.

Service: Environmental Document Preparation and Permitting; USFWS/CDFW Protocol Surveys; Environmental Compliance; and Mitigation Planning and Implementation

Carmel Mountain Vernal Pool Restoration with the Chaparral Lands Conservancy

San Diego vernal pools are home to many endemic plants and animals. Estimates that 95% of all vernal pool habitats have been lost in the County led to the listing of several species that depend upon vernal pools for their lifecycle. The 300-acre Carmel Mountain preserve is city of San Diego MHPA preserve and supports vernal pool complexes that have been degraded from historic vehicle use. In order to sustain these habitats, a large-scale restoration effort is being undertaken by The Chaparral Lands Conservancy organization in coordination with the State of California. Degraded vernal pools were expanded, recontoured, or otherwise enhanced, new basins were created, and surrounding watersheds and wet meadows were restored. As part oft this effort, Rocks Biological Consulting conducted baseline plant surveys, protocol fairy shrimp surveys, hydrological monitoring, invertebrate monitoring, and prepared annual monitoring reports for state granting agencies.

Services: USFWS Protocol Surveys, Hydrogeomorphic (HGM) Vernal Pool Monitoring, Annual Grant Reporting

Additional information about the Carmel Mountain project can be found on the Chaparral Lands Conservancy Website.

Alta La Jolla Drive Drainage Repair Project

The Alta La Jolla Drive Drainage Repair Project involved an extensive slope stabilization and stream channel restoration in an urban canyon within the City of San Diego that included lands designated Multi-Habitat Planning Area (MHPA) under the City’s Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP).  Rocks Biological Consulting prepared the project biological technical report and project revegetation plan in support of the project California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) document.  Both documents were processed with minimal City staff comments, and the project was approved unanimously by City Council. Rocks Bio also provided assistance with permit applications, including preparation of the project the ‘Compensatory Mitigation and Monitoring Plan’ to the US Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE), and California Department of Fish and Wildlife for project impacts to state wetlands and federal Waters of the US.

Service: Environmental Document Preparation and Permitting

Habitat Management for the San Diego Habitat Conservancy

Rocks Biological Consulting is proud to serve as the habitat manager for the growing network of preserves managed by the San Diego Habitat Conservancy. There are currently 12 reserves in San Diego County representing a variety of natural habitats, from coastal sage scrub to oak woodland. Each preserve is home to native plants and animals, many of which are listed as threatened or endangered. Rocks Biological Consulting conducts baseline biological surveys, protocol surveys for listed species, and provides educational outreach at schools in support of the San Diego Habitat Conservancy. Additional information about SDHC can be found at

Services: USFWS/CDFW Protocol Surveys, Habitat Management